The Beth Edges – New Album

We are THE BETH EDGES, a rock band from Vienna, Austria.

We can’t quite believe it, but we’ve been a band for 6 years already, spending time together in the rehearsal room, in the studio, on the road and on stage. After so many years and two released Album, we’ve decided to take destiny into our own hands. We’re so stoked about the new songs we’ve written in the past couple of months and in order to properly record all of them, several components (producer, engineer, studio, string section and additional musicians, mixing, travel costs…) are necessary. Unfortunately, those won’t come cheap. That’s why we want to get you on board, to record an album together. An album, that is part of everyone!

You can support us and our new album and we’ll reward you in return, for example, with an exclusive album pre-release show, your photos in the CD booklet or with a limited hand-signed copy of our new album (for a detailed list see below). You are an important part of our new album and the more we are, the more exciting it will be. The album is going to be released in spring 2014 and we won’t disappoint you. Promise!

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